PhD Criminology–a promising specialization or a part of pop culture?

This article discusses pros and cons of PhD in criminology.

Criminal justice degree is on the high wave now – just try to find a single respectful university that has not already founded its departments of criminology or search for a graduate in criminology who is not thinking of adding PhD criminology in his achievements. But is this specialization really so promising? Maybe it just became fashionable, and after few years we will have many criminology specialists who will have little work? Moreover, why this field has emerged – it really looks narrow and not pleasant, when thinking of it for the first time. In this article we will try to find the real truth that lies beneath this peak of criminology studies and degrees.

If you browse through degrees that universities present as most popular today, you will most definitely find criminology in those lists. In fact, we can bet this specialty is in top positions according popularity among students. As always, when we see some trends emerging, natural question arises – is this popularity based on real demand, or is it just another craze, another profession that nowadays is considered stylish and cool. If we think specifically about criminology, we can find some concerns of this kind. Roots of popularity of this profession can really be raised from pop culture – who does not want to be respected catcher of criminals, a well-known expert on crimes and a proud fighter with evil forces? The logical occupations of this kind – policemen, detectives and investigators – never were considered prestigious or easy. So what is left? Right, getting PhD criminology and fighting crimes with articles, tractates and books.

However, the latter thoughts look funny and even silly for those specialists, who have a deeper knowledge in the field of criminology. This sphere does not include only creating ways to catch criminals and guessing their motives, moves and plans. Criminology is a very wide and expanding field that involves medical methods, philosophical thought and psychological innovations. Moreover, PhD criminology can be interesting to very wide variety of students – not only for those, who study psychology, philosophy or criminal justice. Many those, whose main courses were chemistry, behavioral sciences, law, etc. have chosen to get PhD criminology, because they found relating matters that can results in some interesting discoveries in future. And if your specialty is not so much related to criminology, you can always try to get university research studentship and prove the ties – it will be both interesting and beneficial.

More information on PhD criminology and the connection of this field with other you can get at annual conferences, from other PhD students and, of course, at universities that offer studies in criminology. One thing is certain – criminology is not only a fashionable profession that will emerge and finally go down. This is a very perspective subject that still lacks a lot of research and many discoveries are yet to be done. If you want to be a part of these novelties, earn your PhD criminology and insert your name into history of this science.

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